A lightweight and convenient pack for day hikes or trips is crucial for a vacation or a long hiking trip. Every ounce in your pack matters when walking or hiking for long hours. In the past, I have used a bigger daypack but found that it needed to be lighter, especially for trips where I would be buying items for the store. So, I purchased a 4Monster Hiking Daypack for day trekking on longer trips. In this guide, we’ll let you know how we got on with it with our personal experiences. Afterward, we’ll examine the key features, specifications, and sizing options.

4Monster Hiking Daypack Review

We opted for 16L, but it is also available in bigger sizes. A keep feature for me was the high level of packability and low weight as it comes in at only 4oz, so it only adds a little to my overall load.

The first thing that hit me was how comfortable the pack felt on my back. Despite having little padding on the shoulder straps and back panel, it felt much better than expected on my shoulders. I also discovered I could pack less but still fit all my essentials, including a battery pack, my passport, ID and cash, a light, packable jacket, and my 30 oz water bottle.

It was also perfect for trips to the local store as I could keep it packed in my pocket and then fill it with groceries and supplies. Therefore this is great for camping, hiking, excursions, and city breaks. Whenever not in use, you can roll it back up into a compact size, pop it in the bag and store it in your pocket or main backpack.

The two side pockets for water bottles were my favorite feature. These pockets stretchy and deep enough to hold a large water bottle. I used the other pocket to store things that I needed quickly. If you’re looking for a backpack for day hikes or trips, a lightweight and convenient one like this could be a great choice and is available at an absolute steal of a price.

Durable Stitching & Water Resistant Design

The stitching of the 4Monster Hiking Daypack is very solid and uses 30D nylon. It will last many years if taken care of. It’s also water-resistant to a certain degree, so I don’t have to worry about my gear getting wet during hikes or travels. However, I suggest keeping electrical items in a ziploc or dry bag because the water may still get in if you experience a heavy downpour. You need to remember one safety warning: because it is made of nylon, you’ll want to keep it away from campsite fires.

Plenty Of Room For Day Hiking Essentials

The 4Monster Hiking Daypack offers plenty of storage space to keep hiking and travel essentials all day. It fits my needs for a single-day trip, with enough room for snacks, a first-aid kit, a book, and some extra clothes. There’s also an internal loop for attaching a hydration pack or a bladder. It also features two side pockets for storing water bottles that compress and expand to hold them in place.

Breathable Straps But Lack Padding

The straps on the 4Monster Hiking Daypack are also comfortable, even though they lack any real padding. They are breathable, so they don’t cling to your back, and adjustable, so you can make them fit your body depending on your size.

Sizing Options For 4Monster Hiking Daypack

4Monster Hiking Daypack is available in 3 sizes, 16L, 24, and 32L. I opted for the 16L version, the perfect size for day trips and hiking. The larger sizes are great if you need to carry more items, and those bigger ones are still very packable and compact when not used.

4Monster Hiking Daypack Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight and Packable.
  • High-Quality stitching and zips.
  • Water Resistant design for light showers.
  • Plenty of room for essentials.
  • Breathable straps.
  • Three sizing options available.
  • Various colorways and designs are available.


  • Not waterproof in heavy downpours.


4Monster Hiking Daypack Final Thoughts

Overall, if you’re looking for a lightweight and convenient daypack that won’t break the bank, then the 4Monster Hiking Daypack is a great choice. It’s comfortable and practical for day trips and hiking, with plenty of room for all the essentials. It’s also water-resistant and has adjustable straps to fit your body perfectly. I recommend this backpack if you’re looking for something light and convenient that won’t take up space when not in use. Plus, it comes with great colors and designs to suit tastes, from plain black to loud and jazzy ones. I’m so glad I got one, and with the price tag, it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for a daypack.

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