If you are looking for a bear defense pepper spray to take with you on a hiking trip or family camping getaway, we have a great pick for you. Bear spray has been proved in studies to be over 90% effective in preventing bear attacks, and We’ll cover this data later in the guide. Using a spray is more ethical than other more lethal methods.

Counter Assault 10.2 Ounce Bear Spray

Our No 1 Pick

Counter Assault bear spray is a top pick of park rangers and hikers because it is reliable, effective, and priced reasonably. The 10.2-ounce can is bigger than some other bear sprays on the market. Another great selling point is the 40 feet spray range, which will empty in 8 seconds. The design of the canister offers the user greater control and ease of use.

The Counter Assault spray includes a nylon holster and a glow-in-the-dark feature, plus a safety cap in an accidental discharge. When released, the spray is dispense in a cloud-like stream, so be careful of any blowback, as it could end up causing you harm as well. It is important to note that the spray is effective for four years, so you won’t need to replace an unused can every year.

Counter Assualt uses the hottest spray allowed by law, 2% capsaicin and related capsaicinoid products. The spray can temporarily disable a bear’s ability to see and smell. Effective against all eight species of bears, including Polar Bears.

Counter Assault bear deterrent spray also satisfies the Significant New Alternative Policy (S.N.A.P) conditions of the Clean Air Act regarding ozone-depleting materials. They were also the winner of the Grizzly Bear Stewardship Award.

In addition to using this bear spray on hikes and camping trips, it is also great for home defense if a bear threatens your property or pet.

Why Buy Counter Assault Bear Spray

Bear Defense Pepper Spray

Does Bear Defense Pepper Spray Really Work?

Bear defense pepper spray is particularly effective against all types of bears. A 2010 Alaska study found that bear spray stopped bears 92% of the time on brown bears, 90% for black bears, and 100% when the defense spray was used against polar bears.

Out of all the people carrying bear sprays, 98% were uninjured by bears following close-range encounters. The bear inflicted injuries associated with defensive spraying involved brown bears and was relatively minor and required no hospitalization. In 7% of bear spray incidents, wind interfered with spray accuracy, although it still reached the bear in all cases.

How To Use Bear Defense Spray

  1. Suppose you encounter a bear when outdoor; try to stay calm and never run. Your natural instinct will tell you to run, but you must fight that urge.
  2. Ensure your nothing (straps, etc.) is obstructing quick access to your bear spray. Make sure the spray is easy to access while on the trail. Where the holster over your last layer of clothing or in the pocket of your last layer.
  3. If the conditions are windy, there is a good chance you’ll get some spray on yourself. Try to stay calm and remember effects are only temporary.
  4. When you are discharging the spray, do not spray it directly downwind, or you will find yourself enclosed by pepper cloud.
  5. Secure the bear spray canister in a holster when you are not using it to avoid accidental discharge.
  6. Never leave the spray in a hot vehicle as it could explode.
  7. Always double-check the expiration date well before leaving home on your trip. If it is out of date, then don’t take any chances and replace the can.
  8. Do not test the spray near where you are camping. Doing so can leave a strong smell and can actually attract a curious bear to enter your camp.

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