Cross Trail trekking poles strike a helpful balance between weight, adjustability, efficient performance, and strength, making them adept on trail runs, day hikes, extended backpacking trips, and all things in between. In this guide, we’ll showcase the best cross trail trekking poles available – highlighting their key features, functions, and benefits.

What Are Cross Trail Trekking Poles?

Cross Trail trekking poles blend the best features of trail running poles and traditional hiking poles. As a result, you get a hybrid pole that is light enough to run with yet durable and able to tackle some of the most challenging hiking trails and routes.

The grips on the handles of these trekking poles are far more robust than trail running poles. However, they are also lighter and less bulky than traditional hiking poles, making them ideal for a range of outdoor activities.

Cross Trail trekking poles will provide ergonomic performance, enhances agility, and effectively transfers power while in use. A security release system enables you to quickly connect and disconnect from the poles to change your grip position. If you prefer, remove the straps from the handles and use the trekking poles without them. The LEKI Cross Trail Series features a great range of poles for outdoor adventures. Below, we’ll highlight our top picks and their key features.

LEKI Cross Trail 3 TA Trekking Poles

LEKI MCT 12 Vario Carbon Micro Cross Trail Poles

LEKI Cross Trail 3 Carbon Trekking Pole Set

Benefit Of Cross Trail Hiking Poles?

The versatility of these poles makes them suitable for a range of outdoor enthusiasts. As mentioned, these poles offer the best of both worlds and are an excellent compromise for those of you who enjoy trail running, hiking, and backpacking.

Trail runners tackling more demanding routes where large sections will need to be power hiked yet will appreciate the reduced weight on flatter sections.

Those who are looking for versatility. If you like to run, hike, and backpack – these poles will work well for all three activities. They’ll be no need to buy specific poles for each activity.

Ultra-marathon participants who don’t find running poles strong enough find hiking poles too cumbersome and weighty when running.

Leki Cross Trail Series Video

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