The Best Self-Inflating Camping Pads

Many Self-Inflating Camping Pads are available to buy, ranging from absolutely gigantic inflatable mattresses down to ultralight, minimalist pads. In this guide, we’ve researched what’s available and come up with a list of the best self-inflating camping mattresses that’ll help you get sleep sound at night on the trail.

The selections below consider value for money, user feedback, and recommendations from fellows campers and hikers. We believe in value-for-money and finding budget-friendly options, and this is how we have compiled our list. We don’t think hiking should be elitist or all about who has the most expensive gear,

6 Best Self-Inflating Camping Pads 2021


Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

The Sleepingo is 14.5oz sleeping pad that packs down to 8×3.5”, it fits perfectly in your backpack for your next camping or hiking trip. Over 20000 positive reviews and a over 4.6 rating


YSXHW Self Inflating Camping Pad

YSXHW Self Inflating Camping Pads Review

A roomy sleeping pad (75” x 27” ) has a thickness of 4.8” for super comfort. Pack weight is 2.7 lbs and folds up readily into the carry bag provided. Extra tough, perfect for the heavier campers.



The Klymit Static 4 is a premeium 4 season backcountry camping pad. A lightweight mattress with Klymalite insulation that will keep you warm when its cold on you trip; Has a R-value of 4.


INVOKER Camping Sleeping Matress Pad

INVOKER Camping Sleeping pad

Fast one click self-inflation that only takes 20-25 seconds The pad is waterproof, tear-resistant, and can withstand all weather conditions. The Designed for side or back sleepers and won’t bottom out no matter how you like to sleep.


Venture 4th Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

To use the Venture 4th Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad, just roll out with the valve open; the pad self-inflates as the foam expands. At 72X22 inc you can sleep single adults comfortably. The outer shell is waterproof and tear resistant


Nemo Flyer Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad from Nemo is designed to deliver next-level comfort with easeA unique manufacturing approach removes 60% of foam yet increases thickness by 290% when inflated. Dimensions: 72 x 25 x 2.0 in.

Want To Know More About Self-Inflating Camp Mats?

The best self-inflating camping pads and mats are filled with foam, containing tiny pockets that expand. When the sleeping mat valve is opened, the fulls in the air to inflate. The foam inside traps the air and becomes your insulation and cushioning when settling down for the night in camp. Self-inflating mats are available in many different shapes and sizes to help you find the ideal balance of insulation, packability and cushioning.


Pros of Self-inflating Mats:

  • They require the least effort to inflate, and they are lightweight, with a superb warmth-to-weight ratio

Cons Of self-Inflating Mats:

  • They usually are more expensive than other options and not as well-cushioned as air-filled mattresses and airbeds
  • They can be prone to punctures but are quickly repaired with little effort.

Taking Care Of Your Camping Mat/Pad

After the mattress has self-inflated, it can be helpful to breathe a few puffs into the mat. However, please don’t do this too often because when doing this, you are blowing moisture into the mat, which can reduce its durability. After use, store your self-inflating mat flat and make sure the valve remains open because storing it rolled up can limit the pad’s ability to self-inflate.

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