Trekking poles are a handy tool that can help you get through a rigorous and challenging mountainous trail. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best shock absorbing trekking poles currently available. We’ll also look into the pluses and minuses of buying this type of pole.

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Top Shock Absorbing Trekking Poles

So, you’re looking to buy a new set of the best shock absorbing trekking poles? That’s great, you’ve come to the right guide. Shock-absorbing poles feature an internal spring system that absorbs shock when hiking downhill. This feature can be turned off with some trekking poles when it’s not needed, like when you’re walking uphill.

best shock absorbing trekking poles

We would recommend shock absorption poles if you suffer from pain in your ankles, knees, hips, wrists, or just if you would enjoy a more comfortable hike. In this guide, we’ve researched the market, analyzed what’s on offer, and aggregated the data to find top shock absorbing trekking poles out there. You migh also be interested in taking a look at our best trekking poles guide where we list all types of poles. Looking for a standard pole, then take a look at our Covacure pole review or if you want a Nordic walking poles, we have the Leki Traveller Carbon review.

Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles

The Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock is a great choice if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line trekking pole. These poles are lightweight aluminum, so they won’t weigh you down on long hikes. Plus, they come equipped with cork grips and shock-absorbing tips, making them comfortable and durable enough for even the most challenging trails. And if you happen to run into treacherous terrain, the Trail Pro Shock poles can easily be converted into ice axes.

  • Weight Per Pair: Men’s 590 g (1 lbs 4.81 oz), Women’s 555 g (1 lb 4 oz).
  • Usable Length: Men’s 105-140 cm (41-55 in), Women’s 62-125 cm (24-49 in)
  • Collapsed Length: Men’s 65 cm (26 in), Women’s 62 cm (24 in)


The Jannu FX TA is a versatile and technical trekking pole that is perfect for any terrain. With its innovative FlickLocks, it is easy to adjust the length of the pole on the go. The Jannu FX TA also features a supremely comfortable cork grip and an ultra-durable carbide tip. Whether you are tackling a steep mountain trail or exploring a new city, the Jannu FX TA is the perfect partner for any adventure.

  • Weight Per Pair: 19 oz
  • Usable Length: 120cm

LEKI Makalu Lite AntiShock Pole

The Makalu Lite is extremely lightweight, made with aluminum, and adjustable to 68-135cm in length. It also features cork grip handles and DSS anti-shock system. A great all-around pole; however, because it is a telescopic pole, the collapsed size is 68cm.

  • Weight Per Set: 494g
  • Usable Length: 68-135cm
  • Collapsed Length: 68cm

LEKI Cressida TX AntiShock - Women

Leki Cressida Antishock Poles

The LEKI Cressida Thermo AntiShock is classed as a women’s pole, however I don’t know why trekking poles can’t be gender neutral and suitable for all. Designed for smaller grips, shorter straps, and overall smaller dimensions to fit smaller packs. Features AERGON Thermo grips,  Speedlock 2 and DSS anti-shock system.

  • Weight Per Pair: 470g/1lb
  • Usable Length: 64-135cm
  • Packed Lengtht: 64-68cm

LEKI Legacy Lite COR-TEC Anti-Shock

Leki Legacy Lite COR-TEC Anti-Shock Review

These LEKI Legacy Lite COR-TEC Anti-Shock trekking poles are an excellent choice for hiking and backpacking because they are durable and lightweight. The Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) reduces peak pole impacts. High-quality aluminum construction, Evocon COR-TEC grips. Men’s and Women’s sizes and wights vary, so we have included the ranges below.

  • Weight Per Pair: 492-504g
  • Usable Length: 64-68cm
  • Packed Lengtht: 64cm

TheFitLife Nordic Anti Shock Trekking Poles

TheFitLife Nordic Anti Shock Trekking Poles Review

Sells very well on Amazon and has many thousands of positive reviews and a high 4/5 star rating. We would only recommend this pole to hiking beginners or occasioanl hikers. Unlikely to stand up to the rigours of a tough thru-hike on challeneging ground. Comes with EVA foam grip handles, aluminum and range of baskets.

  • Weight Per Pair: 0.9lbs / 14oz
  • Usable Length: 62-135cm / 24″-53″
  • Packed Lengtht: 66cm/ 24″

Should I Buy Shock Absorbing Poles?

The significant advantage of anti-shock poles is that they reduce the impact on joints and ligaments, primarily when used on hard ground or rocky terrain. On soft terrain, where the mud or snow gives natural impact absorption, they can seem pointless, and their benefits have negated. Consequently, the anti-shock poles’ effectiveness will depend on the ground and weather conditions and your personal preference and circumstances.

Weight and reliability, the performance will vary depending on the pole’s quality and how the shock-absorbing system was designed and fitted.

Top Brands Of Shock Absorbing Poles

In terms of the market for these types of poles, the most well-known brand is Leki, which has a pretty big range of Anti-Shock Trekking Poles.

Leki has the anti-shock mechanics built into the lower section of the pole, integrated into the twist-lock mechanism. Doing this can result in weight savings.

Another high-quality brand is Black Diamond, which have their anti-shock impact system built into the handle. Doing so keeps the mechanism protected but can add weight to the pole.

Finally, some other brands have attempted to cash in on the shock-absorbing pole market, and the build quality and design are inferior to Leki and Black Diamond products. The lower end poles are more suited to beginners or occasional hikers, and we couldn’t recommend them to be reliable on a long, challenging hike lasting weeks where you are hiking big miles every day.

Final Thoughts On Shock Absorbing Poles

In general, considering there are added moving parts on a pole with anti-shock features, there is an increased chance of failure. You must consider durability when deciding if these trekking poles are right for you and which brand/model to buy—looking for more trekking pole guides? We have got a fair few for you. Please look at our best foldable trekking poles and our guide to the best cross-trail trekking poles. If you enjoyed our article, please consider sharing this page with your hiking and camping friends. Thanks!

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