Snow Gaiters

Although hiking in snowy conditions is difficult, it can be an amazing experience to wander around an amazing snow-covered landscape. However, you need to be comfortable and safe on snowy trails. Therefore, having the right gear, like insulated clothing, winter hiking boots, and snow gaiters are essential.

Snow Gaiters are great for hiking on snowy trails because they prevent snow residue from accessing your hiking boots – there are few things more annoying than having snow melting inside your boots. Gaiters are worn over the top of your boots and the lower part of your pant legs. You connect each of them to your boots through a instep strap and lace hooks. Normally, they have a drawcord at the top, ensuring they stay securely connected to the pants, thus preventing snow residue from entering in-between.

Given that snow gaiters keep your feet warm and dry when you are hiking in deep snow, they are essential for comfortable winter trips.

Best 10 Snow Gaiters

#1 Outdoor Research Crocodile GORE-TEX® Gaiters

Outdoor Research Crocodile GORE-TEX® GaitersOutdoor Research Crocodile gaiters are incredibly robust and, therefore, perfect for mountaineering and challenging expeditions. It is made using a 3-layer Gore-Tex fabric, which provides excellent breathability, durability, and weather protection. Furthermore, they are reinforced with a 2-layer Cordura fabric in the lower part. This is very practical because this part is very exposed to tears from crampons. Even though the Cordura fabric is sturdier than the Gore-Tex material, it does not significantly decrease the breathability.

On the contrary, Cordura fabric is known for being very breathable. The Crocodile gaiters are also equipped with double-stitched Velcro front entries so you can fit them quickly and easily. The instep straps are made by BioThane – which is durable. Also, the straps are coated with a protective film and feature lace hooks to ensure that they stay firmly on your boots.

Finally, the top closures use cam buckles to allow quick adjustments to the right fit. The Outdoor Research Gore-Tex Crocodile is not the lightest product, but they rank number one because they provide outstanding durability and functionality.

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2# Outdoor Research Expedition Crocodile GORE-TEX® Gaiters

Expedition Crocodile GORE-TEX® GaitersModeled on the Outdoor Researches best-rated Crocodile Gaiters show above, these Expedition Crocodile Gaiters have a Cordura abrasion-resistant back leg panel, in addition to the inner leg and boot panels. Also, there is a generous circumference to accommodate mountaineering boots and insulated pants. As a result, these gaiters ideal for extended mountaineering trips in extreme conditions. 

Like the original Crocodile Gaiters we featured above, a combination of the 3-layer Gore-Tex and Cordura panels make these heavy-duty gaiters incredibly tough, durable, and abrasion-resistant. Therefore, they are long-lasting, especially when you are wearing crampons. 

 The Outdoor Research Expedition Crocodile Gaiters are knee-high fit and have a wide Velcro strap, with a reinforced boot lace hook and loop to lock them in place. Overall, the Outdoor Research’s most durable and high-performance gaiters for mountain adventures.

Expedition Crocodile GORE-TEX® Gaiters PROS & CONS


  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Breathable
  • Well suited for mountain expeditions
  • Waterproof
  •  Adjustable


  • Heavier tnan other gaiters
  • No markings identifying left and right on the gaiters

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3# Outdoor Research Outdoor Research Verglas Gaiters

Outdoor Research Verglas GaitersThe Outdoor Research Verglas is made of a 3-layer Pertex Shield fabric. The Pertex Shield fabric is super light, waterproof, and breathable. However, the breathability does not rival Gore-Tex because it uses a polyurethane coating instead of a membrane. Due to the Pertex Shield fabric, these gaiters are the lightest product listed here – they weigh 7 ounces.

Apart from the above, Outdoor Research Verglas has similar features as the Outdoor Research Crocodile. They have Cordura reinforced ankles, Velcro front entries, cam buckle top closures, and metal boot lace hooks. However, some fabrics used on the Verglas gaiters are not as durable as the Crocodile. For example, the foot panel is made of 1000-denier fabric on the Crocodile, compared to 500-denier material on the Verglas.

The Outdoor Research Verglas is best suited for those who want an incredibly light product for various activities in snowy conditions.

Suitable For:

  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Trekking
  • Backpacking
  • Ice Climbing

Outdoor Research Verglas Gaiters PROS & CONS


  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for a range of activities;
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable


  • Not as breathable as Gore-Tex gaiters

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4# RAB Muztag Gore-TEX Gaiters

RAB Muztag Gore-TEX GaitersThe RAB Muztag gaiter is made with GORE-TEX and is fully waterproof while remaining breathable. Perfect for alpine ascents and mountain adventures in severe weather.

Firstly, you will love the durability, with 300D nylon reinforcements throughout, and a TPU underfoot strap gives these gaiters long-lasting durability. They are also easy to fit around any boots and while the hook-and-loop front closure provides a reliable seal against water. The drawcord hem adjustment up top offers a one-handed cinch to keep snow from sneaking in.

Thankfully for those who like to cut back on weight, the RAB Muztag gaiters lightweight and packable. Finally, the low-bulk design of the Muztag makes these gaiters ideal for moving efficiently at high altitudes. So the RAB Muztag won’t get them caught on every passing rock or tree branch you pass by.

RAB Muztag Gore-TEX Gaiters: PROS & CONS


  • Weight – very lighweight
  • Versatility
  • Breathable
  • Overall design & Low Bulk


  • British company, hard to find stockists in the USA.

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Best Of The Rest

Rocky Mountain High Gaiters

Solid all-season performance: Pair these lightweight gaiters with your footwear to keep rocks, dirt and light snow from finding its way into your shoes.

Pike Trail Leg Gaiters

Pike Trail Leg Gaiters

Non-frills, budget friendly snow gaiters from Pike Trail. Waterproof, lightweight with a simple design. Suitable for more general hiking in lighter and mildersnowsnow. Not suitable for more extreme conditions.

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