In previous articles, we have looked at some of the best self-inflating sleeping pads, such as the INVOKER camping pad. These are considered a little bit of extra luxury and plushness to some campers on a camping trip. However, some campers need comfort, especially if car camping, where space is not an issue. A popular choice is double-height luxury air mattresses. In this guide, we’ll take a good look at one of the most popular – the EnerPlex Air Mattress.

EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress For Camping, Home & Travel

The table above features the EnerPlex Queen Size Air Mattresses for camping and home use. All three are double-height and come with a built-in pump for fast and easy inflation and deflation. The key difference between them is the mattress height with the option of 13 inches, 16 inches, or 18 inches. From our research, the most popular choice is the 16 inches air mattress. However, this is a personal choice; therefore, you might prefer the thinner or thick mattress.

If a queen size mattress is too big for your space/needs, then you may want to consider looking a the twin size mattresses below.

EnerPlex Twin Air Mattress For Camping, Home & Travel

EnerPlex Air Mattress With Built-In Pillow/Pump

Why Choose A EnerPlex Mattress?

In this next section, we’ll go into a little more detail for you. We will focus on critical areas such as comfort, ease of use and durability.

EnerPlex Mattress - Easy To Inflate & Pack Away

Set up is super simple and takes little explanation and effort. The inflation was rapid (about 2 minutes) and easy to do, even for the first time. All you need to do is turn the valve and press the on button, once inflated remember to close the valve. You can customize the firmness of the mattress to match your preference.

Deflating the mattress is as quick and easy as setting it up. It fits nicely in the storing bag that comes with it. If you take this on a camping trip, make sure the mattress is dry before you pack it away to prevent mildew from forming on the fabric.

Are EnerPlex Air Mattresses Comfortable To Sleep On?

Many users who have used the EnerPlex Air Mattress for camping or house guests have commented on the high comfort level. The mattress is very secure, and if you need to get up in the middle of the night, it won’t move around or disturb the other user too much.

EnerPlex’s air mattress features a coil beam system, giving firm support for proper spinal alignment. As a result, you get all the same comforts of your regular mattress.

The top of the mattress is very soft to touch, so if you want to nap in the middle of the day without any bedding, it feels lovely on your skin. EnerPlex also holds the air exceptionally well; you should blow it up once early in the day and top it up at night as the instructions suggest.

When it comes to bedding and sheets, queen size sheets with deep pockets fits very well. For additional comfort and luxury, I would suggest going for the mattress with the built-in pillow.

EnerPlex Luxury Air Mattress Video Review

Alternative Air Mattresses For Camping & Home Use

Why Choose A Double-Height Air Mattress

If you love the great outdoors and spend time with your partner, family, and friends, then escaping for a long weekend or week of camping is necessary. Some people are fortunate and can sleep almost anywhere and on any ground and any position. However, most campers and hikers need something reasonably comfortable for a good night’s sleep. If you’re car camping, where camping gear weight is not an issue, or if you can’t sleep soundly on anything but a luxurious sleep surface, then a double-height air mattress for camping will become a must-have piece of camping gear.

Having a double-height luxury air mattress not only guarantees a good night’s sleep, but most modern models are also easy to set up, inflate, deflate and pack away after use. Fortunately, today’s best air mattresses are puncture-resistant, weigh less than 10 pounds, and fit cleverly inside a bag once deflated. If you’re going camping and are on the lookout for a new air mattress, then we’ve rounded up the best luxury double-height air mattresses for camping.

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