Looking for a versatile and reliable stove for your next camping trip? Look no further than the Gas One GS-3400P Dual-Fuel Stove. This powerful little stove can run on propane or butane, making it perfect for any situation. Boasting a compact design makes it easy to pack up and take with you wherever you go. Here’s a closer look at what the Gas One GS-3400P offers you outdoors lovers.

Gas One GS-3400P Review

Whether you’re an experienced camper or just getting started, the Gas One GS-3400P Dual-Fuel Stove is an excellent choice for your next adventure. It’s versatile, powerful, and easy to use, making it the perfect addition to any camping gear collection. Overall, this dual-fuel camping stove offers fantastic value for money and is a piece of gear you’ll use for years. Read on to find out more information on performance and specific features.

Gas One GS-3400P Butane or Propane? You Can Use Either!

One of the best features of the GS-3400P is that it can run on butane or propane. This means you can use whichever fuel is more readily available or pack both just in case. The stove comes with a butane cartridge adapter, hose, and propane adapter so that you can use either fuel without any problems.

Piezo Electric Starter Ignition

Another great feature of the GS-3400P is the piezo electric starter. This makes lighting the stove a breeze, even in windy conditions. No more fumbling around with matches or lighter fluid—push a button, and you’re good to go. In time, you and your family will be tucking into a tasty hot meal.

Portable and Compact Design

Weighing in at only 3 pounds, the GS-3400P is one of the most portable stoves on the market. It’s also super compact, making it easy to pack up and take wherever your adventures take you. Whether hiking through the woods or tailgating at your favorite sporting event, this stove will come in handy. However, we found one negative: it does not come with a carry case.

Maximum Output of 8,000 BTUs

When it comes to power, the GS-3400P delivers. With a maximum output of 8,000 BTUs, this little stove can boil water in no time. It also has an adjustable heat control knob to dial the perfect cooking temperature for whatever you’re making. Trust us, this stove can handle anything you throw, from boiled eggs to seared steaks.

How Hot Is 8,000 BTUs?

In case you’re wondering, 8,000 BTUs is pretty darn hot. Most home gas stoves have a BTU rating between 15,000 and 30,000. So if you’re looking for a powerful camping stove, the GS-3400P is definitely worth considering.

Safety and Easy to Use

The GS-3400P was designed with safety in mind. The pressure regulator valve keeps the fuel level stable, even when using high settings, so there’s no risk of explosions or fires. And because it uses a Butane/Propane mixed gas cartridge, there’s no need to worry about running out of fuel halfway through cooking. Swap out the cartridge when necessary, and you’re good to go!

Gas One GS-3400P Pros & Cons


  • Can run on butane or propane; versatility is a massive plus for us.
  • Piezo electric starter, so you won’t have to mess around with a lighter.
  • Maximum output of 9,000 BTUs will give you the power you need.
  • Portable and compact design won’t take up too much room in your car.
  • Safety pressure regulator valve for added peace of mind in the outdoors.


  • No carry case included.

Gas One GS-3400P FAQs?

Q: What fuel do I need to use?

A: The GS-3400P can run on either butane or propane.

Q: Does this stove come with a carrying case?

A: No, the Gas One GS-3400P does not come with a carrying case. However, it is lightweight and easy to pack, so you shouldn’t have trouble bringing it along on your next camping trip.

Q: What is the maximum output of this stove?

A: The maximum output of the Gas One GS-3400P is 8,000 BTUs.

Q: How do I clean the Gas One GS-3400P?

A: To clean the stove, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as this could damage the stove.

Q: How much water can I boil on the Gas One GS-3400P?

A: You can boil around 10 liters of water on the stove.

Q: Which fuel is better, butane or propane?

A: Butane is a good choice for short cooking sessions, while propane is a better option for longer cook times. However, both fuels will work fine in the GS-3400P.

Q: What are the Butane vs. Propane fuel prices?

A: The average price of a butane canister is $3.50, while the average price of a propane canister is $5.50. However, prices may vary depending on your location and when you buy. (Price correct as of Oct 2022).

Summary Of Gas One GS-3400P Customer Feedback & Reviews

We’ve gone through dozen of verified reviews and summarized the common themes in easy-to-read bullet points;

  • Customers love the GS-3400P for its fast heating, easy cleaning, and portability.
  • Its piezo-electric starter is a major selling point, as it eliminates the need for matches or lighter fluid.
  • The stove can run on both butane and propane, making it very versatile.
  • Its compact design makes it easy to transport and set up.

10 Camp Cooking Safety Tips

  1. Read the instructions carefully before using your stove. Make sure you understand how it works and follow all safety precautions.
  2. Never leave your stove unattended while it’s in use.
  3. Don’t cook inside your tent or camper—there’s a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  4. Keep your stove and cook area clean to help prevent accidental fires.
  5. Be sure to extinguish your stove and allow it to cool down before packing it for the day.
  6. Never store flammable liquids near your stove.
  7. Don’t try to cook with a can that’s been used for gasoline—it could explode.
  8. Keep children and pets away from the stove while it’s in use.
  9. If you’re using a propane stove, be sure to open the vent before igniting.
  10. Use caution when cooking in windy conditions—the flames could be blown out or into something else.

Gas One GS-3400P Video Review

Gas One GS-3400P Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable stove for your next camping trip, look no further than the Gas One GS-3400P Dual-Fuel Stove. With the ability to run on butane or propane, a piezo-electric starter, and a powerful 8,000 BTU burner, this stove has everything you need to make delicious meals when camping.

The compact size is also a huge plus, making it easy to pack up and take wherever your adventures take you. The only complaint we could find was that some customers would have liked a carrying case included with their purchase. However, overall, the Gas One GS-3400P is a hit with customers, and we highly recommend it.

So whether you’re car camping with friends or backpacking through the wilderness solo, bring along your Gas One GS-3400P Dual-Fuel Stove—you won’t be sorry!

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