Whether it’s a once-a-year trip or something you do more regularly – hiking can be great fun for all the family. In an age where children are often glued to iPads, Cellphones, Video Games, and TV screens, getting out and involved with nature is an excellent way for them to learn and stay active. If you can get them to love the outdoors from an earlier age, they’ll likely continue doing later in life. Making them feel part of the adventure is essential, and owning their hiking gear and kit can help with this. One key bit of kit is trekking poles, and in this article, we’ll offer you up a High Stream Gear Kids Trekking Poles Review – designed for children these hiking poles and a bit of gear they’ll regularly use on those outdoor family trips.

High Stream Gear Kids Trekking Poles Review

High Stream Gear Kids Trekking Poles

In our High Stream Gear Kids Trekking Poles Review, we’ll start with highlighting the benefits of using hiking poles. Next, we’ll give you the low down on High Stream Kids Trekking Poles, explaining all the key features, the pros, and cons, and why they might appeal to your child. Finally, we’ll provide some alternative trekking pole options for you to consider.

Why Use Kids Trekking Poles?

High Stream Gear Kids Trekking Poles In Snow

High Stream Kids Trekking Poles Key Features

High Stream Gear Childrens Hiking Poles

So now we’ll get into the key features of the High Stream Kids Trekking Poles and let you know what these poles offer before you part with your hard-earned dollars.

Made from 7075 Aluminum, the High Stream trekking poles are telescopic so that they can be easily adjusted up or down to the perfect height for your child. As your kid grows over the years, the poles with grown with them, and you’ll get many years of use out of them.

The High Stream trekking poles’ design differs from adult-sized poles, making them more comfortable and easier to use for kids up to 12 years old. The variation in size is at the optimum range for children, so the pole can be used at only 25 inches and adjusted up to 40 inches.

These poles also have shorter 5.1″ handles – made for children’s hands and therefore easier to grip and hold. The reduced weight of just 6 ounces will also mean they won’t become tired and overburdened by carrying unnecessary weight on a hike.

Your kid’s new hiking poles are available in three bright, wildlife-inspired designs that kids will love. The cheerful designs are inspired by the great outdoors. It is available in blue and white patterns with wildlife track prints, a red version with a leaf pattern design or in orange with animals icons. I think these designs are appealing to kids, much more so than standard generic adult trekking poles. They are excellent for boys and girls; they will feel like grown-ups with trekking poles in their hands when out on the trail.

The High Stream hiking poles for children can be collapsed quickly and then stored and carried in the bag that comes with the poles. It keeps your child’s hiking poles safe and away from damage when not in use. Your child will also receive a range of tips and baskets to improve their performance on the solid, muddy, or snowy ground.

High Stream Hiking Poles Pros & Cons

We wrote a guide of the Best Kids Trekking Poles, and the High Stream came out as our top pick. If you want some more options, go and look at that guide and find out what else is available.

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