The INVOKER Camping Sleeping Pad is a self-inflating mattress that is perfect for all-terrain and season campers. An excellent choice for side or back sleepers, giving you a little bit of luxury on your camping trip. Once you begin making camp, you can set the pad to self-inflate and crack with other tasks. In this guide, we’ll look at some of the key features and give you our thoughts on its suitability – covering both the pros and cons.

INVOKER Camping Sleeping Pad At A Glance

Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad - Does It Work?

INVOKER says that they use the most advanced Self-inflating technology, rapid inflation in 25 seconds- a more realistic estimate will be 35-40 seconds. While the self-inflating technology does work, you might need to add a bit extra air manually if you prefer a firmer sleeping pad when camping. The need to manually add air is not a flaw with the INVOKER, and it is pretty much standard with all self-inflating camping pads. One downside is that deflating the sleeping pad can take a bit of time. However, from our research, this pad and received many positive reviews.

INVOKER Camping Pad Uses Premium Material

The INVOKER camping pad is made from high-quality 40D nylon and elastic foam on the inside. Its exterior is covered with TPU plastic for added protection and to improve durability., The material is waterproof, tear-resistant, and can withstand changing weather conditions. Based on testing results, the R-value of the mat is 9.5 – making it an ideal 3/4 season sleeping pad for outdoor life.

How Comfortable Is The INVOKER Camping Pad?

You get about 1.5 inches of Flexfoam on the main sleeping area and 3.15 inches on the pillow area. The camping pad is thick enough that you won’t feel the hard dirt floor. The foam on the mattress will provide adequate warmth and comfort for most campers. Another cool feature is the generous length and width of 77.2″ x 27.6″. The pillow area is nice and soft to touch but is more comfortable if you add your pillow on top. Overall, the INVOKER is comfortable enough and pretty lightweight for a self-inflation pad.

Other INVOKER Camping Pads & Mats

The table above features other INVOKER camping pads and mat,including the self-model featured in this guide. If you want to view some other options, go and visit our guide to the best self-inflating camping pads.

Final Thoughts On The INVOKER Camping Pad

I’ve kept this INVOKER Camping Sleeping Pad review pretty short because there is little point in simple overcomplicating products. This sleeping pad is reasonably lightweight for a self-inflation pad and comfortable to lay on for both back and side sleepers. Overall, I would recommend this mattress for car/motor campers and short trip hikers. Probably not ideal for long-distance thru-hikers would want to travel light.

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