Jetboil 1.5L Ceramic FluxRing Cookpot

Jetboil Fluxring Ceramic Cooking Pot

Why You Would Need It

The Jetboil 1.5L Ceramic FluxRing Cookpot is excellent for those looking for extra meals on a backpacking adventure. This cooking pot takes your solo or group backcountry cooking to the next level, with tastier options than traditional hiking meals.

One user commented on the wide variety of food she was able to cook for her group and their cook system. She was conveying how she could rustle up a couscous dish with mushrooms, mirepoix, pomegranate, and toasted almonds to complement the roasted duck breast—a bit of a difference from ramen noodles and packet pasta.

What Is The Jetboil Ceramic FluxRing?

Firstly, the FluxRing technology on the cookpot means there is a greater surface area for minimal boil times and increased fuel efficiency, helping with overall on-going costs. While the ceramic coating is quite a noticeable addition, making cooking and cleanup easier, different from the Jetboil 5-Liter FluxRing Camping Pot, which used an anodized finish.

The folding wire handles and insulating cozy make it safe and easy to handle during and after cooking, while the plastic base cover works as a serving plate or bowl.

Jetboil FluxRing Specifications

Jetboil Fluxring 1.5 liters

What Jetboil Stoves Is The Fluxring Pot Compatible With?

The Jetboil Ceramic FluxRing Cookpot is compatible with Jetboil Genesis, HalfGen, Luna, and the following Jetboil cooking systems if used with pot support:

  • Flash,Zip
  • MightyMo
  • MicroMo
  • MiniMo
  • SUMO

However, please be aware that the FluxRing cookpot does not come with pot support legs seen in the pictures.

Jetboil Fluxring cooking pot

How Much Does The Jetboil Ceramic FluxRing Cookpot Weigh?

In terms of weight, the FluxRing comes in at 10.8 oz (306 g) weight, so not too heavy and allows you to take mess-free cooking out on the trail. Since the pot is 1.5L, this kind of setup is great for 2/3 people hiking together.

The ceramic pot is just the right size in terms of dimensions at 6.3X4.8inch, wide enough to saute and turn, not too deep that cooking becomes awkward, yet deep enough to simmer soups and pasta and sauces.

Where To Buy The Jetboil FluxRing


The Jetboil FluxRing is another high-quality, well-made product as we come to expect with this brand. Is it right for you? Well, only you know that answer. If you’re naturally drawn to this type of cook system accessory, then I say yes because you can rely on the fact that it is a good product.

The cooking pot will give you the ability to knock u a tastier variety of meals on the trail. Furthermore, the pot’s capacity makes it ideal for small groups and handy for family hikes and trips away.

However, if you’re happy with more basic foods on your hikes, then this is just going to be a big pot to boil noodles or pasta in.

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