MalloMe Camping Cookware Review

The MalloMe Camping Cookware Set is an inexpensive, compact mes set, that comes with nearly everything a solo camper would need. A couple of hikers could make it work with the odd addition. This cook set is suited for the hiker that cook basic meals in camp. In total,this set include 10 items,which will list later in the review. Please read on to learn more about this camp cooking kit.

MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit All 10 Items

What's Included In The MelloMe Cook Set

  • 2 bowls that are BPA free – bowls are available in 1, 2, and 3-liter sizes
  • Foldable stainless steel fork
  • Soupspoon
  • Non-stick pot with cover
  • Wooden spoon spatula
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Nylon travel bag
  • Recipe book


How We Rated The MelloMe Cookware

Durability: In terms of durability, the MalloMe set has plenty going for it. The anodized aluminum construction hits the right balance of durability and weight. The MalloMe and nesting pans’ compact structure lend support and protection from packed denting.

Weight: The MalloMe, with its compact size and weight of 4 ounces, does pretty well in our weight scores analysis. With integrated handles and aluminum construction, the main pot/handle/lid combo weight is one of the lightest you can find when comparing like for like. All the accessories fit nicely into the pot,which can then go into the bag provided.

Ease Of Use & Completeness: The MalloMe ten-piece set is nearly comprehensive, with built-in handles and an anodized finish that is easy to clean. The accessories are a little small and perhaps too small. However, they come complete with all the kit, and all fit nicely together for storage. The set’s completeness will save you the time and effort of buying each item individually, then hoping they all pack away together compactly.

MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit Review

MelloMe Customer Reviews & Scores

Amazon users rated MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit very highly, 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 5,528 reviews. 

Many of the positive reviews stated that the product is:

  • Easy to pack and carry.
  • Good functionality for solo hikers
  • Made outdoor cooking more convenient and easy.
  • High quality, lightweight, and very useful.
  • Excellent mess kit for its price.

Like with all products, there was some negative feedback and dissatisfied customers who said that:

  • The pot is small (however, there are options for a bigger size pot)
  • The handle construction isn’t great
  • Some edges are sharp.
Cooking With The MalloMe

Who Could Use MelloMe Set?

For solo hikers on a budget, we would recommend the MalloMe. The MalloMe is among the most comprehensive sets we have found and offer everything for a solo hiker.

To complete this cookware set, all one needs to add is a pocket knife and perhaps a small cutting board. For cooking basic meals such as pasta and rice, the MalloMe is complete. For a two-person hike, the MalloMe could get the job done; you will need an extra fork in your backpack.

The cooking performance doesn’t support more sophisticated cooking types – but remember, if you’re hiking, it’s unlikely you’ll be cooking up anything too complicated. Despite some limitations, as a budget choice for the solo camper or hiker, the MalloMe 10 Piece Mess Kit deserves consideration.

Summary & Final Thoughts

Suppose you cook uncomplicated hiking meals in camp and travel solo and want a one-stop-shop for your kitchen kit. In that case, the MalloMe is likely the best product on the market.

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