Are you a cyclist who is looking to gear up for your next ride? If so, the Roswheel 3-In-1 Expedition Touring Cam Pannier might be just the solution you need to carry the stuff on your next bike trip.

This Roswheel bag is just the accessory for long rides. Strap this to your road or mountain bike, and enjoy quick access to everything that you require on your ride. This guide will look at the features of the Roswheel 3-In-1 Expedition Touring Cam Pannier.

Roswheel 3-In-1 Expedition Pannier - Storage Space

The Roswheel 3-In-1 Expedition Pannier comes with plenty of storage space. Abl, to carry a 37-Litre (10 gallons) load, you can pack spare clothes, food, water, cycling accessories or other gear needed for multi-day touring. For the price point, this bag provides excellent value for money.

Roswheel 14892 3 in 1 Multifunction Bike Bicycle Rear Rack Panniers Back Seat Cargo Trunk - Army Green

You’ll find a way to utilize every pocket on this setup. The size of the top bag is 13 x 12 x 5 inches, and this can be removed from the bike and used as a shoulder bag with the attached strap when not cycling. The two saddlebags have measurements of 12 x 12 x 5 inches. Each side bag has room for a drinks holder and features four pockets on each side (8 in total).

Overall, this pannier has more than enough space for single-day use and even multi-day use if you pack light.

Is The Roswheel Expedition Touring Cam Pannier Waterproof?

Roswheel 3-In-1 Expedition Touring Pannier

As advertised, the Roswheel 3-In-1 bag is water repellent, not waterproof. I would recommend storing any items you need to keep completely dry in a zip-lock bag, then packing them into the Roswheel if you need a waterproof pannier – expect to pay three times as much money for something like this. The need for a waterproof bag will depend on the area you cycling – if there is little to no chance of rain, then spending a huge amount of money on a waterproof bag makes little sense.

How Durable Is The Roswheel Pannier?

The stitching on the bag seems decent enough. That does not run off the edge of the fabric. Also, the main seams are double-stitched, with an additional bar and x tacking around the high-stress areas. Combining these two features,  I don’t see any reason for the seams to fail. 

Roswheel 3-In-1 Expedition Touring Cam Pannier

You’ll find some pretty durable looking zips also. A small detail we like is that the zips are covered – this prevents mud, dirt or other road and trail gunk from clogging up the zippers. It is little things in the design of the bag, which helps to add to its overall value for money.

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