Trazon Anti Slip Walk Traction Grips

The Trazon Anti Slip Grips are a new product which we’ll place in the budget gear category. As I have mentioned in other product reviews, such as the TrailBuddy Trekking Pole Review – it is not always necessary to go premium/high-end. It really depends on where, when, and why you are using them.

In this guide, they’ll take a look at the material used and how the product might stack-up to other products out there.

What Are They Made Of?

Trazon Steel SpikesTheir multi-spiked heel allows you to securely step upwards on ice or snow, offering traction and grip. Firstly, they are easy to fit and securely wrap around your shoes or boots. The spikes look sharp enough to bite into the slippery surface and diminish the chances of injuries.

Make every step with utmost confidence even on uneven and snowy terrain. The Trazon Traction Cleats have steel spikes arranged in a multi-directional pattern to maximize grip and ice and snow stability.

Trazon ice spikes are held together by a stainless steel chain that works as a traction aid to better cope with snowy terrain. They are corrosion-resistant, which means the cleats’ spikes can handle severe conditions without any signs of wearing out.

Trazon Rubber FrameThe cleats’ eyelets are double reinforced, and the frame of the cleats is made using thermoplastic elastomer rubber, which is resistant to weathering and extreme temperatures (holds up from -115°C to +280°F. Furthermore, thermoplastic elastomer characteristics include; high impacts, tear & abrasion resistance.

The rubber frame will stretch and retract back to its natural state after fitted them to your boots or shoes – giving you a secure fit.

Would I Recommend Them?

Overall, the materials used to produce the Trazon Traction Cleats appear to be of adequate quality. Therefore, if you are looking for a low-cost solution for occasional hiking on terrain covered in slight snow or ice, then they should get the job done.

However, I would not suggest using them in extreme snow conditions, as I think there are better options out there. If your budget can stretch slightly, consider the Yaktrak Ascent Traction Cleats we have previously reviewed.

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