TRENDOUX Winter Gloves

TRENDOUX Winter Gloves Review: Another addition to our budget-busting section. The gloves labeled as Winter gloves; Winter is just a season, though, not a temperature or statement of weather conditions. It depends on what temperatures you’ll be using them in. Winter in one part of the country holds different temperatures to Winter in another.

TRENDOUX Winter Gloves Review Grey Color

TRENDOUX Gloves Key Features

  • 50% more conductive yarn added on touchscreen fingertips than similarly priced gloves.
  • Touch screen fingertips on the glove. +
  • Fully covered with triangle silicone on palm to aid grip.
  • Thickened elastic wrist keeps the glove closed around your skin
  • 95% Acrylic, 5% Spandex.
  • Available in 11 colors.

+ I’m not into the whole eTip/Touch Tip feature on gloves. I’ve owned high-end, mid-range, and low-end gloves that have this feature – it never works very well.

Hiking Suitability/Pros & Cons

These gloves are meant for light use during the winter months, meaning that they will not protect you from the extreme cold. However, they will give you enough protection while giving you the ability to use your fingers and your multitouch-enabled device at a basic level.

They’re warm enough for around 25-30º F. and above if you are active when wearing them. So, if you are hiking in colder temperatures, you’ll need something else, however as an affordable glove to fight off a chill; they cut the mustard.

They will provide protection in cooler weather and the grip of the gloves are good for gripping onto your trekking poles and prevent running on the skin.


  • Snug fit on the hand (8.25″ across the palm, 3.5″ from the middle and ring finger’s webbing to the tip of ring finger).
  • Soft and reasonably thick.
  • The interior is soft.
  • The exterior grip allows you to do regular tasks.
  • Finger pads work on iPhones. (Have not tried Android).
  • Elastic around the wrist is snug but not overtly where it leaves imprints.


  • Not suitable for below 25º.
  • The touch screen capability is questionable – as with all gloves that make this claim.
  • In colder conditions, this is more of an under glove.
  • Not waterproof – however, it does not claim to be.

Summary Of The TRENDOUX Winter Gloves

The TRENDOUX Winter Gloves is a solid general hiking glove for mildly cold weather conditions. Budget-friendly and comfortable, ideal for hiking in temperatures of 25º F and above. If you are looking for a high-end with better performance, then check out the SEALSKINZ Ultra Grip Glove – it will cost a lot more than $11.99.

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